2019 Call Log
DateRun #Nature of RunLocationTime of Run
 Jan 2 190101 Person down not breathing Griffith Park 7:28 PM
 Jan 3 190102 Fall & Injured N Kenwood St 11:18 AM
 Jan 3 190103 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point HP Firehouse 11:53 AM
 Jan 4 191004 Lift Assist North North St 3:24 AM
 Jan 4 191005 Unresponsive Person North North St 2:13 PM
 Jan 5 191006 Fall & Injured Westmoor Dr 11:51 PM
 Jan 6 190107 House on Fire Emery Road 8:30 PM
 Jan 7 190108 Person Sick East Prairie St 12:31 AM
 Jan 7 190109 Smoldering fire from 190107 Emery Road 3:32 PM
 Jan 7 190110 Overdose Kirby Road 8:10 PM
 Jan 8 190111 Smoldering Fire from 190107 Emery Road 4:00 PM
 Jan 8 190112 Stroke East Bell St 9:18 PM
 Jan 11 190113 House fire with Long Creek Ridge Road 8:59 AM
 Jan 12 190114 Car Accident no injuries S RT-48 Oreana 12:41 AM
 Jan 12 190115 Car Accident no injuries I-72 MM 150 2:31 PM
 Jan 12 190116 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo County Line Rd 4:15 PM
 Jan 12 190117 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Meadow Lane 8:03 PM
 Jan 12 190118 Fire Alarm with Cerro Gordo Heritage Lane 8:35 PM
 Jan 13 190119 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo S Jefferson St 4:17 AM
 Jan 13 190120 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo CG Blacktop 9:49 AM
 Jan 14 190121 Fire Alarm going off W South St 10:32 AM
 Jan 14 190122 High Blood Pressure Dunbar Road 2:08 PM
 Jan 15 190123 Chest Pains W South St 7:46 AM
 Jan 15 190124 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 8:00AM
 Jan 15 190125 Car Accident FC Park Road 8:01 AM
 Jan 16 190126 House Fire with Maroa N Wood Street 4:40 PM
 Jan 19 190127 Check Welfare W Elm Street 10:30 AM
 Jan 19 190128 Problems Breathing Emery Road 3:26 PM
 Jan 20 190129 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Jefferson St 4:36 AM
 Jan 22 190130 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 9:21 AM
 Jan 23 190131 Low Blood Pressure Hickory Hills Dr 8:00 AM
 Jan 23 190132 High Fever Wilbur Court 9:44 PM
 Jan 25 190133 House Fire with hickory Point Loma Drive 9:38 AM
 Jan 25 190134 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 5:33 PM
 Jan 25 190135 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 7:20 PM
 Jan 25 190136 Car Accident I-72 MM 153 9:59 PM
 Jan 28 190137 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 9:07 AM
 Jan 28 190138 Fall & Injured E Wise Road 1:49 PM
 Jan 28 190139 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Center Street 3:07 PM
 Jan 28 190140 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 3:52 PM
 Jan 28 190141 Stroke Oldweiler Ct 8:46 PM
 Jan 28 190142 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo RT-36 LaPlace 9:39 PM
 Jan 29 190143 Lock Out E Water Street 7:14 AM
 Jan 30 190144 Supervisory Alarm with Long Creek S 70th Street 12:25 AM
 Jan 30 190145 Power lines down with Cerro Gordo N Oakley Road 5:01 AM
 Jan 30 190146 Person Slumped over in truck I-72 MM 152 10:18 AM
 Jan 30 190147 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Abraham St. 12:23 PM
 Jan 30 190148 CO Check E Wise Road 2:53 PM
 Jan 30 190149 House on Fire Forest Prky 3:45 PM
 Jan 30 190150 CO Check E Park Street 5:52 PM
 Jan 30 190151 Fuel Spill Pilot Travel 11:43 PM
 Feb 1 190201 House on Fire Oakley Road 5:33 AM
 Feb 3 190202 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley 1:59 PM
 Feb 3 190203 Low Blood Sugar E Prairie St 3:32 PM
 Feb 3 190204 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley Road 4:21 PM
 Feb 3 190205 Medical Call with Cerro Gorod West North 5:32 PM
 Feb 4 190206 Diabetic Emergency Pilot Travel 2:30 AM
 Feb 4 190207 Semi Accident Birch Church Rd 10:36 AM
 Feb 4 190208 Weak and sick E South Street 11:38 AM
 Feb 5 190209 Lift Assist Old Weiler Ct 1:07 AM
 Feb 5 190210 Life Line Alarm going off Emery Road 3:26 PM
 Feb 6 190211 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Star Rt road 10:37 AM
 Feb 6 190212 Battery Victim Pilot Travel 7:44 PM
 Feb 7 190213 Car Accident I-72 MM 147 1:17 AM
 Feb 7 190214 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 1:08 PM
 Feb 7 190215 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 2:56 PM
 Feb 8 190216 Fire Alarm with Long Creek Southbrook Ct 8:50 PM
 Feb 9 190217 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 5:12 PM
 Feb 10 190218 Lift Assist Oldweiler Ct 4:07 AM
 Feb 10 190219 Fall & Injured Oldweiler Ct 11:01 AM
 Feb 10 190220 Car Accident no Injuries I-72 MM 152 11:06 AM
 Feb 10 190221 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Reas Bridge Rd 7:36 PM
 Feb 11 190222 Fire Alarm going off AOES 10:46 AM
 Feb 11 190223 Breathing Problems RT-48 11:32 AM
 Feb 12 190224 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Lincoln St 10:13 AM
 Feb 12 190225 Medical Call with Maroa Fire McKinley St 10:15 AM
 Feb 12 190226 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Sangamon Rd 11:18 AM
 Feb 12 190227 Fall & Injured Griffith Park Dr 6:00 PM
 Feb 13 190228 Car on Fire AOHS 8:16 AM
 Feb 14 190229 Car Accident 48 & Boyd 8:08 AM
 Feb 14 190230 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley 8:00 PM
 Feb 15 190231 Car Accident Sleep INN 3:56 AM
 Feb 15 190232 House on Fire with Long Creek Kenland Drive 12:46 PM
 Feb 15 190233 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Elwood St 4:40 PM
 Feb 16 190234 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Gabby's Way 6:30 PM
 Feb 17 190235 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Westside Dr 1:53 PM
 Feb 18  190236 Low Blood Sugar Jordan Road 9:57 AM
 Feb 18 190237 DOA Jordan Road 5:25 PM
 Feb 19 190238 Water pipe broke Coulters Mill Rd 10:25 AM
 Feb 20 190239 Fall & Injured Melisty Mart 10:05 AM
 Feb 20 190240 Electrical Fire Bus Barn 12:14 PM
 Feb 21 190241 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Jefferson St 10:35 AM
 Feb 21 190242 Stroke AOES 12:14 PM
 Feb 22 190243 DOA Reas Bridge Rd 12:14 AM
 Feb 22 190244 Heart Attack Casey's 11:22 AM
 Feb 23 190245 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Franklin St 5:16 AM
 Feb 23 190246 Fall & Injured E South Street 6:18 AM
 Feb 23 190247 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Westside Dr 8:36 AM
 Feb 23 190248 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo S Lincoln St 5:35 PM
 Feb 24 190249 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Highway 105 7:45 AM
 Feb 24 190250 Power Lines Down Forrest Prky 8:38 AM
 Feb 24 190251 Chicken Coop on Fire Garver Church 1:48 PM
 Feb 24 190252 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Oakley 11:56 PM
 Feb 25 190253 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Franklin St 6:52 AM
 Feb 25 190254 Fall & Injured E South Street 12:35 PM
 Feb 27 190255 Cover Long Creek Firehouse LC Firehouse 12:03 PM
 Feb 28 190256 Fire Alarm with Cerro Gordo Stare Rt Road 9:05 AM
 Mar 2 190301 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Hoppi Street 2:02 PM
 Mar 2 190302 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 2:07 PM
 Mar 2 190303 Fire Alarm going off AOES 10:38 AM
 Mar 4 190304 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 4:06 PM
 Mar 5 190305 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 4:31 PM
 Mar 5 190306 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Franklin St 4:31 PM
 Mar 6 190307 Fire Alarm with Long Creek N Norwood St 11:11 AM
 Mar 6 190308 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point E Lucille Ave 8:20 PM
 Mar 6 190309 Smell of something hot Connors Road 9:14 PM
 Mar 8 190310 Life Line going off W Belle Street 10:49 AM
 Mar 8 190311 Life Line going off N Main Street 12:56 PM
 Mar 9 190312 Car Accident with Cerro Gordo CG Blacktop 11:31 AM
 Mar 9 190313 Person not feeling well Reas Bridge  3:19 PM
 Mar 10 190314 Cover Long Creek Firehouse LC Firehouse 6:54 PM
 Mar 10 190315 Smell of Propane in the house Connors Rd 9:33 PM
 Mar 11 190316 Fire Alarm going off AOES 10:43 AM
 Mar 11 190317 Medical Alarm going off Brush Clge Rd 5:34 PM
 Mar 11 190318 Person not feeling well Belle Street 5:54 PM
 Mar 11 190319 Person fallen and Injured Chris Drive 6:05 PM
 Mar 12 190320 Person not feeling well Dunbar Road 4:04 AM
 Mar 12 190321 Chest Pains Unresponsive Coulters Mill 8:38 AM
 Mar 12 190322 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Kirby Med  12:23 PM
 Mar 12 190323 Person fallen and injured Chris Drive 1:39 PM
 Mar 13 190324 DOA Dunbar Road 6:19 AM
 Mar 13 190325 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Kirby Med 4:37 PM
 Mar 14 190326 Car Accident with Cerro Gordo 900 N Rt32 12:35 AM
 Mar 14 190327 Car Accident I-72 MM 152 7:27 AM
 Mar 14 190328 Power Lines Down Sangamon Road 12:09 PM
 Mar 14 190329 Breathing Problems LaPlace 6:21 PM
 Mar 15 190330 Sick & Weak Chris Drive 3:26 AM
 Mar 15 190331 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo S Jackson St 7:12 PM
 Mar 16 190332 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 1:25 PM
 Mar 16 190333 Grass Fire with Cerro Gordo Sangamon Road 4:11 PM
 Mar 19 190334 Broken Arm S Main Street 4:56 PM
 Mar 20 190335 Chest Pains Birch Church 7:39 PM
 Mar 22 190336 CO Check E Mound Road 3:42 PM
 Mar 24 190337 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo W Abraham 7:09 PM
 Mar 25 190338 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Jacobs Way 2:52 AM
 Mar 26 190339 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo RT-32 4:35 AM
 Mar 27 190340 Fall & Injured S View St 10:18 AM
 Mar 27 190341 Medical Call with Cisco Fire Leichner Lane 2:21 PM
 Mar 27 190342 Medical Call with Cisco Fire State Street 3:49 PM
 Mar 27 190343 Grass Fire Dunbar Road 4:44 PM
 Mar 29 190344 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point W Weaver 12:12 PM
 Mar 31 190345 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Meadow Lane 11:54 AM
 Mar 31 190346 Person not breathing I-72 MM 144 6:59 PM
 Apr 1 190401 Fire Alarm with Hickory Point Marion Ave 4:33 PM
 Apr 1 190402 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Meadow Lane 3:24 PM
 Apr 1 190403 CO Check with Cerro Gordo Ceader Lake 4:33 PM
 Apr 2 190404 Stroke Mayberry Ct 5:52 PM
 Apr 2 190405 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Jackson St 9:51 PM
 Apr 3 190406 Back Pain E Boyd Road 9:00 PM
 Apr 4 190407 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo E Hunt Street 5:18 PM
 Apr 4 190408 Grass Fire Cemetery Road 5:37 AM
 Apr 5 190409 Medical Call with Cerro Gordo LaPlace 11:10 AM
 Apr 6 190410 Full Arrest W Franklin St 8:44 AM
Apr 7190411Medical Call with Cerro Gordo Cerro Gordo Blacktop4:22 PM 
Apr 8190412Car Accident with Cerro Gordo RT 32 & 10511:28 AM
Apr 8190413UnconsciousMayberry Ct 2:11 PM
Apr 9190414Vehicle smokingRT 48 & I 72 10:58 PM
Apr 10190415Diabetic EmergencyKirby RD4:13 AM
Apr 10190416Medical call w/ Cerro GordoCenter St.7:22 AM
Apr 12190417Medical call w/ Cerro Gordo Center St.11:50 AM
Apr 121904181st Alarm w/Long Creek Baltimore 9:51 PM
Apr 15 190419Medical call w/ Cerro Gordo Read Bridge 2:02 PM
Apr 16190420Vehicle AccidentRt 48 & I 72 1:38 PM
Apr 17190421Medical call w/ Cerro Gordo W. Franklin ST4:10 PM
Apr 17190422Vehicle Accident Greenswitch & Hp Road 6:59 AM
Apr 17190423Sick personBoyd Rd 3:23 PM
Apr 17190424Gasoline SpillS. North ST.6:48 PM
Apr 19190425Supervisory w/ hickory point Marion Ave5:03 AM
Apr 22 190426Sick person N. 400 E 1:20 AM
Apr 22190427Sick Person Bower St.12:41 PM
Apr 22 190428Person Fell S. Jackson St.5:08 PM
Apr 22190429Person FellAbraham St.17:00 
Apr 22190430Field Fire Oakley Rd & Angle Crossing 21:29
Apr 24190431Vehicle LockoutS. North St.19:12
Apr 27190432Trailer Fire CO 20 & CO 258:31
Apr 27190433Breathing Problems Oakley Rd11:06
Apr 27190434Breathing Problems Kirby Rd14:25
Apr 27190435Syncope Kirby Rd21:53
Apr 29190436Breathing ProblemsN. Lincoln7:08
Apr 29190437Supervisory AlarmW. South St.10:56
Apr 29190438StrokeE. 300 N. Road14:02
Apr 30 190439Broken ArmEmery13:42
Apr 30190440Lift AssistMayberry Ct.15:50
Apr 30190441Chest Pain S. Jefferson18:08
May 1 190501Supervisory alarm w/ Hickory PointMarion Ave 3:04
May 1 190502Vehicle Fire I 72 MM14814:20
May 2190503Difficulty Breathing E. Mound Rd.6:16
May 2190504Supervisory Alarm W. South St.10:14
May 3 190505Vehicle Accident CO 20 & Greenswitch13:19
May 5 190506Vehicle Accident CO 25 & Cabin Rd 13:19
May 6 190507Sick Person N. Madison St.9:22
May 6 190508Medical Alarm W. Franklin St.13:42
May 7 190509Chest Pain N. Woods Trail22:06
May 7190510DAS Assist E. South Street22:53
May 7190511Das AssistMound & RT. 4822:56
May 8 190512Lift Assist I 72 MM 15122:56
May 8 190513UnresponsiveE. Reas Bridge Road 16:39
May 9190514SupervisoryHickory Point Mall5:46
May 9 190515Person FellN. Prairie View 7:29
May10190516Medical call w Cerro GordoS. Jefferson 10:02
May10190517Vehicle AccidentRT 48 & Jordan RD.23:21
May11190518Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoS. 2nd Street 14:32
May11190519Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN Lincoln17:52
May12190520Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Clay9:44
May12190521Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Bell10:20
May14190522Semi FireBoyd RD. & RT 489:54
May14190523Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoW. Frantz19:37
May15190524House Fire Broadway20:14
May16190525SeizureCundiff CT.17:06
May16190526Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoStar RT RD.17:57
May16190527Vehicle Accident HP Road & Greenswitch22:46
May18190528!st alarm Cerro Gordo N. Lincoln10:35
May18190529Medical Call w/ Cerro Gordo94E / 150 N 8:58
May18190530Person Fell Read Bridge CT. 
Ma18190531Chest Pain W. Bower 12:43
May18190532Power Line Arcing W. Plains13:26
May18190533Grass FireI 72 MM 14723:46
May19190534Grass Fire I72 MM 14700:28
May20190535Vehicle Accident Oakley RD/ Northfolk RD.10:44
May20190536Illegal BurnCoulter Mill RD20:29
May21190537Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Lincoln16:14
May21190538Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. LIncoln21:02
May23190539Power line downNewburg RD / Cemetary RD.1:33
May231905401st alarm LCFS. Brooks Rd.1:39
May23190541Tree DownE. South2:32
May23190542Assist Cisco With StormN. Main3:20
May23190543Tree Fire Star Rt/ Flowers7:27
May23190544Power Line DownReas Bridge9:55
May23190545Supervisory AofpdE. South ST.11:14
May 23190546Broken ClavicalMeadow Lane 22:52
May 24190547Supervisory AofpdW. South St.20:31
May 25190548Lift Assist McCory Ct.00:49
May 25190549Supervisory AofpdW. South St.3:31
May 25190550Supervisory AofpdW. South St.17:36
May 25190551Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoN. Jackson ST.18:31
May 26190552Power line down Coulters Mill RD.1:11
May  26190553Vehicle AccidentCaleb Rd1:19
May 26190554Power Line downS. West st.1:19
May 26190555Power Line Down Kirby Rd.1:37
May 26190556Debris In RoadwayW. South St.2:05
May 26190557Pump Smoking W. South St.3:27
May 26190558Difficulty BreathingS. RT 485:41
May 26190559Supervisory W/ HPFW. Weaver Rd.6:09
May 26190560Vehicle Accident S. Rt 4812:13
May 26190561Abdemon PainTrucillas LN7:31
May 27190562Power Line down Cabin Rd 12:50
May 28190563Semi RolloverMound Rd/ Rt 4815:32
May28190564Battery VictimN. Kenwood St19:26
May 29190565Vehicle Accident 000 East/ 175 North20:54
May 291905661st Alarm AofpdKirby Rd23:06
May 30190567Vehicle Accident I 72 MM 1448:30
May 31190568Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoSheets Rd8:12
May 31190569Difficulty Breathing S. RT 48 13:19
May 31190570Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoS. Jackson13:36
Jun 1 190601HyperglycemiaN. Kenwood St.3:29
Jun 2190602Illegal BurnWilber Ct.11:45
Jun 3190603SyncopeE. Reas Bridge Rd.11:45
Jun 5190604Supervisory W/ HPFW. Marion ave.6:03
Jun 5190605Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoS. Jefferson9:19
Jun 5190606Difficulty BreathingS. View St.15:49
Jun 5190607Person FellMemory Ln.16:19
Jun 6190608Skin RashS. RT. 4818:45
Jun 7190609Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoDurfee St14:13
Jun 8190610Finger TramaE. Park St.11:41
Jun 11190612Medical Call w/ Cerro GordoMemory Ln.22:15
Jun 111906131st Alarm W/ CGFPDFront St./ Center St.15:18
Jun 11190614Brush FireN. Oakley Rd16:40
Jun 13190615Medical Call w/ Cerro Gordo 19:17
Jun 131906161st Alarm W/ CGFPDMain St.9:21
Jun 14190617Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoW. Franklin1:26
Jun 14190618Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoCarmi Ct16:08
June 15190619Person Fell Park CT.16:08
Jun16190620Lift Assist W. Abraham18:45
Jun 19190621Supervisory AOFPDW. South St.4:23
Jun 19190622SeizureWestmoore Dr.5:05
Jun 19190623Person Not EatingW. Franklin11:56
Jun 19190624Medical Call W/ Cerro Gordo FireCarmi Ct.16:58
Jun 19190625Vehicle Accident Greenswitch & Boyd Rd18:33
Jun 19190626Supervisory W/ HPFDW. Marion ave.22:28
Jun 20190627Medical Call W Cerro GordoW. Abraham11:12
Jun 21190628Medical Call W/ Cerro Gordo Carmi Ct.10:33
Jun 22190629Person FellE. Elm St18:31
Jun 22190630Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoW. Franklin19:05
Jun 23190631Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoS. 2ND. St. LAPLACE14:34
Jun 25190632Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoS. 2ND St. LAPLACE9:556
Jun 25190633Hay Fire Hampshire Rd.19:35
Jun 26190634Car WreckPrairie Rd13:32
Jun 26190635Supervisory Alarm W/ CGFDReas Bridge Rd.20:05
Jun 27190636Activated Medical alarmW. Bower 4:07
Jun 28190637Supervisory Alarm W/ HPFDW. Weaver18:01
Jun 28190638Supervisory Alarm W/ HPFDW. Marion Ave.22:58
Jun 29190639Possible DOAE. Water St.15:27
Jun 30190640Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoWestside Dr.13:48
Jul 1 190701Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoW. Waite12:25
Jul 2190702Weakness in armBoyd Rd.9:27
Jul 5190703UnresponsiveBirch Church Rd.6:20
Jul 5190704Car WreckCG Blacktop/ Rush Rd.15:50
Jul 5190705Car Wreck Hickory point Rd./ greenswitch16:54
Jul 6 190706StrokeE. South St.15:33
Jul 6190707Lock out E. Park7:55
Jul 6190708Head PainMeadow Ln.21:09
Jul 8190709Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoS. Jackson14:18
Jul 9190710Medical Call W/ Cerro GordoAngle Crossing/ County Line 19:42
Jul 12190711Change Of QuartersLong creek fire14:24
Jul 12190712Difficulty BreathingWalker Rd.15:55
Jul 12190713Supervisory W/ Long creek S. Brooks Ct.19:22
Jul 12190714Difficulty Breathing Rt. 48 Apt 723:09
Jul 13190715Person WeakRajon Dr.21:37
Jul 14190716Supervisory W/ Long CreekCedar Creek Ct.19:27
Jul 15190717Head injuryE. Boyd Rd.8:34
Jul 15190718Difficulty Breathing Oakley Rd.9:45
Jul 15190719Diabetic EmergencyN. Melrose St.13:35
Jul 15190720Difficulty BreathingE. Belle St.20:54
Jun 17190721Lift Assist Short Street 23:38
Jul 17190722Man FellE. South St.14:29
Jul 18190723Threatening suicideMain St.18:25
Jul 19190724Car Wreck 148 MM I-7211:36
Jul 19 190725Supervisory alarm W/LCFDSouthbrook Ct. 16:15
Jul 19190726Lift Assist Reas Bridge Rd.17:25
Jul 22 190727Car WreckMound Rd. And Rt 486:44
Jul 22190728Lift AssistHeritage Ln.22:08
Jul 231907291st alarm North St.10:04
Jul 27190730Car Wreck I72 MM14414:04
Jul 30190731Possible OverdoseI72 MM1447:21
Jul 30190732Possible OverdoseI72 MM1447:44
Jul 30190733Person FellPark St.14:07
Jul 31190734Vehicle fire W/ CiscoBriggs Rd. & Jordan Rd.11:06
Aug 2190801Man siting on shoulder I72 MM 145 EB17:56
Aug 2190802Co Check Jordan Rd 10:01
Aug 3190803Lift Assist W. Elm19:37
Aug 3190804Smell of something hot E. Park 21:17
Aug 3 190805Car Wreck W/CgfpdRt. 10522:34
Aug 4190806House Fire N. North St.9:45
Aug 5190807Car WreckIlliniwick and greenswitch9:43
Aug 5190808Difficulty Breathing W. Bower St 10:21
Aug 7190809Diabetic emergencyBirch church7:13
Aug 7190810Supervisory alarm W/ CgfdPrairie View Rd.9:07
Aug 8190811Person SickW. Belle St.5:35
Aug17190812person ChockingS. Main street 7:21
Aug 17190813Supervisory alarm W/ Long creek fire South Brook Dr.8:44
Aug 17190814!st alarm W/ Hickory Point Shed FirePlainview St8:44
Aug 18190815Car Wreck Rt. 48 & North Street15:14
Aug 21190816High blood pressureCG Black top7:34
Aug 21190817Car WreckMound Rd. & Rt. 488:57
Aug 23190818Lift Assist Main St.2:34
Aug 23190819Supervisory AlarmSouth St.7:14
Aug 23190820Medical Call W/ CgfpdLincoln St.8:42
Aug 23190821Dehydrated W. Belle 12:46
Aug 23190822Person FellCoulters Mill Rd.13:26
Aug 26190823Smoke detectorE. South Street6:33
Aug 27 190824Supervisory alarm W/ HpfpdBurnett Ave18:25
Aug 28190825Man FellBroadway16:59
Aug 30190826Truck Fire I 72 MM 14818:31
Aug 30190827Truck Fire I 72 MM 14818:31
Aug 31190828Back Pain W/ CGFPDW. Center :50
Aug 31190829Head InjuryMidway21:29
Sept 11909011st alarm W/ HPFPDRt.515:50
Sept 1190902Medical call W/CGFPDMadison14:16
Sept 1190903Person Passed out North St.23:43
Sept 5190904person having SeizuresNorth St.21:57
Sept 5190905Oven Fire W/LCFPDRicky Dr.12:16
Sept 6190906Possible StrokeBoyd Rd.13:10
Sept 8190907Wash Down RT. 4811:38
Sept 9190908Medical Call W/ CGFPDSheets Rd.13:03
Sept 11190909Person FellSouth Street 12:28
Sept 12190910Supervisory Alarm W/HPFPDShadow Ln.4:40
Sept 13190911Chest PainCaleb Rd.21:12
Sept 14190912Supervisory W/ HPFPDMarion Ave.3:27
Sept 14 190913Fell with head injuryView Circle21:13
Sept 15190914Car Wreck Argenta Rd.1:52
Sept 20190915Grass FireI 7214:50
Sept 20190916Medical Alarm Main St. 14:22
Sept 20190917Suoervisory W/ HPFPDMarion Ave15:59
Sept 24190918Person fell in ditchNorth St.13:43
Sept 24190919FIre alarm Durfee13:58
Sept 25190920Car wreckI72 MM 14421:11
Sept 26190921Hurt BackMain St.11:29
Sept 30 1909221st alarm W/LCFPDcamp Warren19:07
Oct 1 191001Child locked in bathroomSouth Street 13:57
Oct 1 191002person passed out cundiff ct.15:22
Oct 1191003Supervisory with HPFDMarket Drive16:08
Oct 4191004Low OxygenSheets Rd.19:33
Oct 4 1910051st alarm with CGFDDurfee14:58
Oct 5191006Difficulty BreathingCaleb Rd.6:45
Oct 5191007Welfare CheckHospitality Ln.9:14
Oct 6 191008Female WeakE. South St.14:17
Oct 7191009stroke Boyd rd.13:24
Oct 71910101Difficulty Breathing Graces Ln.18:23
Oct 7191011Arm Cut W. Belle St.22:20
Oct 8191012Chest Pain Cundiff Ct.16:05
Oct 91910131st alarm Trailer fire Old Stage coach Rd.13:20
Oct 9191014Dislocated ArmSouth St. 12:46
Oct 12191015Chest PainsPrairie St.22:25
Oct 14191016Person FellWalnut and  melrose 18:38
Oct 15191017Fell Outside Chris Dr.14:13
Oct 16191018General WeaknessW. Elm7:31
Oct 17191019Alt/ Conscious Diamond Head Ct. 23:16
Oct 18191020Car Wreck Mound and Rt 488:36
Oct 18191021Combine Fire Washington and Greenswitch17:05
Oct 19191022Medical Alarm South St. 11:21
Oct 19191023Medical AlarmOakley rd 12:06
Oct 191910241st alarm with CGFPDSheets Rd & Oakley Rd17:26
Oct 21191025Car WreckGreenswitch and Emery8:55
Oct 21191026Passed Out W. South St.10:12
Oct 23191027Combine Fire Duroc & Argenta Rd.15:46
Oct 24191028Wellness check Cemetary Rd.10:58
Oct 24191029SeizureForest Prkwy.11:19
Oct 251910301st alarm W/ MFPDMaple1:07
Oct 25191031Car WreckRt. 4815:35
Oct 25191032Person IllBoyd Rd.19:07
Oct 27191033car WreckI72 13:12
Oct 27191034Car WreckI7215:38
Oct 27191035Person IllKenwood St.18:55
Oct 27191036Person having seizureRt. 4819:14
Oct 281910371st alarm W/ MFPDEmery21:13
Oct 29191038Car WreckMound & Brush college16:50
Oct 301910391st alarm W/ MFPDEmery Rd.23:52
Oct 31191040Car WreckArgenta Rd. 14:15
Oct 31191041Alchol Poisoning N. Clay St.23:23
Nov 61911011st alarm W/ MFPDE. Main9:04
Nov 6191102Co CheckE. South Street 9:15
Nov 6191103Lift Assist E. Park St.13:43
Nov 7191104Medical AlarmGraces Ln.13:36
Nov 11191105Vehicle FireI 72 Mile Marker 15217:55
Nov 12191106Semi Smoking I72 Rt 48 exit 15:24
Nov 13191107Person FellPrairie St.9:43
Nov 15191108Person FellWise Rd.7:14
Nov 15191109Gas SmellRajon Dr.17:08
Nov 16191110Male Passed out Westmore Dr.17:29
Nov 161911111st alarm W/ HPFPDApache Dr.22:58
Nov Gas 18191112Person FellW. Prairie 7:36
Nov 19191113Baby fell down stairs S. View5:50
Nov 22191114Possible StrokeN. Main11:53
Nov 22191115Gas LeakN. Main13:13
Nov 24191116Abuse medical E. Boyd Rd6:09
Nov 26191117anhydrous leak800 N & 400 E9:10
Nov 27191118Gas LeakKirby Rd10:54
Nov 28191119Power line down Prairie Rd.6:52
Nov 29191120Chest Pain Boyd Rd.1:58
Nov 30191121Chest Pain Cundiff Rd.4:28
Nov 30191122Difficulty Breathing E. South St.19:50
Dec 1191201Child locked in car I72 rest area13:35
Dec 1 191202Difficulty BreathingE. South street 18:17
Dec 3 191203Car WreckBrush college8:13
Dec 3 191204Car WreckRt 48 and I 729:54
Dec 3 191205First AlarmMound rd.10:55
Dec 4 191206Semi FireI 72 rest area 9:39
Dec 4 191207Chest painHospitality Ln23:57
Dec 7 191208Car wreckCommercial crossing16:39
Dec 8191209Sick PersonBoyd Rd.7:46
Dec 9191210SupervisoryW. south street14:24
Dec 9191211Head injurySchool Rd.17:13
Dec 10191212Diabetic emergencyMelrose St7:30
Dec 10191213Lift-Assist S. Rt 48 11:15
Dec 11 191214Stomach CrampsE. Boyd Rd.20:41
Dec 12191215Difficulty BreathingForest Prkwy6:00
Dec 15191216Large Fire Cemetery Rd.16:58
Dec 17191217Medical alarmRt. 4816:06
Dec 19191218Male FellRt. 481:48
Dec 20191219Abdominal Pain Wilber Ct. 7:00
Dec 21191220Abdominal PainWilber Rd.9:23
Dec 21191221Car WreckI 72 mm 15219:31
Dec 22191222Male fellGarver Church rd.0:36
Dec 26191223Male Cut self Rajon Dr.22:34
Dec 29191224DiabeticSouth St.1:03
Dec 31 191225DiabeticSouth St.2:53

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